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DSI Mining Products is an Australian based Company provides with Manufacturing & Supply Design for the mineral processing industry.

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What are the Machines used in Mining?


Mining is one risky workplace. For those toiling in mines, knowing what they’re doing is extremely important. This also includes proper knowledge of machinery used in the mining industry. We have a list of mechanism which ensures mining becomes less of a task than it already is:

  1. Earth movers:
    These are mostly used in above ground mining. Their primary function is to move all the loose soil and other waste from one place to another. This ensures that the mining area is clear and the excavators are free to dig out the target mineral. Skilled operators are required to man the earth movers to conduct tasks such as digging, pushing and transporting efficiently.
  2. Mining Drills:
    They are utilised to place explosives in tough rocks, to break them and reach the target mineral. Mostly used in underground mining, they are also used to create holes in the ground, big enough for free movement of miners while entering and exiting.
  3. Blasting tools:
    These are calculated amount of explosives that are placed in huge rocks to split them apart. This simplifies the procedure of excavating the target mineral. Blasting is also used to clear the path, in case of any blockages which hinder the progress of the mining. Used in both kinds of mining, blasting is one of the most dangerous aspects of mining.
  4. Transport machines:
    These machines are used to transport material, from one place to another. The transport machines are sturdy enough to run on all kinds of roads. In this category, The following varieties come under this category:
  • Small Dump trucks
  • Rigid Dumpers
  • Articulated Dumpers
  • Bottom Dumps
  • Site Dumpers
  • Scrapers
  • Road Trains
  1. Working Machines:
    There are a variety of working machines, each serving a specific purpose:

There are many types of loaders. One is used for re-handling stock and service operations. The second one is used in the production, wherein it helps to load the material from the site on to the transporter. There is also a Backhoe loader, which can load materials as well as dig trenches.

They are used to push materials as well as maintain tracks. They can also function as loaders.

Telescopic handler:
This is used to conduct operations at a height. It can be attached with multiple types of equipment as and when the need arises.

These help in track maintenance and thus, assist in the upkeep of transporters. They help transporters by smoothening out the tracks and cutting down transport time by a great deal.

  1. Service machines:
    They are mainly used in underground mining. Types include:
  • Truck mounted platforms
  • Drilling machines
  • Personnel Transport machine
  1. Special Machines:
    These machines overcome obstacles quickly and have tremendous lifting capacity. The types that come to use in mining are:
  • All-terrain Cranes
  • City cranes
  • Rough terrain cranes
  • Industrial Cranes
  • Dock Cranes

What is Mining Equipment?


Our lives would be extremely slow paced and backward if it were not for the mining industry. Wondering how? The metros we travel in, the musical instruments we play, the utensils we cook in …each and everything is dependent on the minerals that Mother Nature provides us with. And mining is the only way to extract these. Mining is a booming industry all over the world. There are countries which are blessed with abundant natural resources. Mining brings out these hidden resources and makes them available to not only those countries, but also to the rest of the world.

Men and machines are the lifelines of mining. Without proper co-ordination between these two, mining becomes even tougher. While men risk their all and get into mining, they rely heavily on the machines.

The types of equipment are categorised on the basis of the functions they perform. They also differ upon the type of mining, that is, the equipment used for open ground mining and underground mining are different. The different functions are:

  • Excavation
  • Sorting
  • Grinding
  • Milling

Equipment is an integral part of each of these processes. A professional should be consulted to understand which equipments are suitable for mining of a particular mineral.

This equipment cannot afford to malfunction as the lives of all the persons involved in the mining project rare at stake. Constant maintenance and upgradation of the equipments is essential. Most of the time, a separate team of professionals are required just to make sure all the equipments are in place. A lot of emphasis is laid upon the functioning and efficiency of these equipments, and this team of professionals is in charge of this job.

The production of mining equipment is kept running to ensure that mining does not get hampered. Mine to Mill is the responsibility of these machines. This extremely heavy and expensive machinery undergoes constant modifications to accommodate itself in lesser space. These equipments are often subject to regular servicing and refurbishing to keep up with the increase in production.


  • Mining Equipment had reduced the risk factor in mining to a certain extent.
  • It also increases efficiency by optimising every excavation operation.
  • The modern equipment helps to save a lot of time.
  • These machines access areas that cannot be reached by man.
  • These equipments are inter-dependent and help to maintain each other.



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