Where there is a household, there is rubbish. There are different kinds of waste, and each one of them requires a different method of disposal. Some are recyclable; others are biodegradable while other types of rubbish are just too large, and you can’t dispose of them in the usual way.

Hard rubbish: what is it?

Hard rubbish simply represents the kind of garbage that is too large to be disposed of in the normal way. This type of waste is collected and recycled by companies or government agencies. While some metropolitan councils may collect the hard rubbish from households free of charge, others may charge a small fee.

Again, some collect the rubbish once a year, but at a specific time. However, the majority of them are resorting to the booking system, which makes the process more convenient.

Items that constitute hard rubbish

There is a wide range of wastes from your house that fit this profile. They include:

  • Clothing: this may be old or torn clothes.
  • White goods such as fridges, freezers, washing machines, etc.
  • Books
  • DVD, video players, and videotapes
  • Furniture
  • Garden waste or bundled branches
  • Household appliances
  • E-waste, i.e., televisions, computers, and other electronic equipment
  • Mattresses

Importance of hard rubbish collection

Hard rubbish collection services are essential to every resident. Every house has wastes that cannot be disposed of using reasonable means. This form of disposal comes with a high level of convenience.

Remember, some items have specific requirements when it comes to disposal. On your own, you can find meeting this requirement a bit difficult. Thus, seeking the services of hard rubbish removalists can save you the hassle.

You benefit in the following ways:

  • Declutter your house: If your home is full of stuff you do not need, then it will be hard to organise it. Furniture, electronics, and other household appliances are hard to dispose of, and that means you stay with them in your house. But once you contact a hard rubbish removal Melbourne offers, it will be your chance to declutter your home.
  • Reduce landfill: since the majority of hard rubbish is non-biodegradable, it will end up filling the damp site. In some instances, landfills are created for purposes of waste management, and if they aren’t well managed, they may experience problems. Proper disposal of these wastes means landfill is reduced.
  • Reduce littering and dumping: probably you’ve seen clothing, books, and other kinds of hard wastes littered all over the earth’s surface in some areas. Usually, this is as a result of poor disposal modes.
  • Ensures proper disposal and recycling of wastes where possible.

What’s the fate of collected hard rubbish?

As earlier said, most of this rubbish is collected by the council. So how the rubbish will be processed varies from one council to the other.  In some cases, the council may sort out the rubbish and donate or sell the stuff to charity.

However, all items that cannot be reused will be broken down. Materials made of metal, glass, plastic, and paper are recycled accordingly.  But you need to ask the council which material they recycle first.

It is vital that sort out your hard rubbish before contacting a hard rubbish removal Melbourne service provider. Some items that you may consider rubbish may actually be of great importance to some people. All items that are in the right conditions donate them to a local charity, sell or give to friends.


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