While gas BBQs are a popular choice for many chefs, electric BBQ is easier to use. All you need is to plug onto the power socket, and you are good to go. Electric BBQs heat up faster, and the dinner or lunch gets onto the table in no time. Electric BBQs require less maintenance and easy to keep it sparkling clean and what’s more, you don’t have to worry about gas running out halfway cooking. They are small in size, therefore, suitable for homes with limited space outdoors. Because electric BBQs don’t have open flames, there is no need for ventilation hence suitable for use even under balconies.  They are lightweight, and you can easily transfer to the power points within your home.

While buying an electric barbecue, you must compare different brands from different manufacturers. Majority of BBQs are designed for tabletops, but some come packed with outdoor stands or trolleys for mobility purposes. Although electric BBQs are pricey, they are a better option to replace your gas BBQ and enjoy mobility and flame-free cooking, not forgetting the luxurious status it adds to your home.

Before you decide on the best BBQ for your home, consider the following:

  • Size: the size of an electric BBQ is important for two main reasons; it should have a surface large enough to cook for the family or guests. Lastly, it should fit into your outdoor space comfortably. The dimensions of the cooking surface and the entire unit is a factor to keep in mind while buying an electric BBQ.
  • Ease of use: get facts about an electric BBQ from diverse media to get hands-on experience and get divergent opinions from past users. Secondly, look at the features like controls if they are well labelled, how easy is to monitor or adjust the temperature, ergonomic nature of a BBQ in terms of storage and portability or how simple is it to disassemble for maintenance.
  • Cord length: the length of the power cord determines how far you can place your BBQ and still access the power source. The longer the power cord, the better.
  • Accessories: Electric BBQ normally comes with fewer accessories compared to gas BBQ. But some models come with features like storage shelves, digitised thermometers, and domed lids to provide more surface for cut meat.
  • Indoor/outdoor use: there are electric BBQs designed for outdoors and indoors or those designed specifically for indoors. It is up to you to decide which BBQ will meet your requirements.
  • Warranty: Finally, the duration of a warranty granted by the manufacturer and what is covered or not covered. Read and understand the manual to know this information. Sometimes, you can get a faulty machine by bad luck and knowing what warranty covers is important so that you don’t admit a liability you ought not to.

Why all BBQ types have advantages and downsides

If versatility and efficiency are of concern, consider gas or electric BBQ. They are versatile and efficient enough for you to get your meals right on time. Their temperature range can be adjusted and monitored easily. Charcoal BBQ is known for producing tastier and moist meat with nice smoky flavours many meat lovers like. It takes time to roast meat but produces the best quality and tastier meat.


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