While buying a tag trailer, it is assumed that all trailers look the same and therefore give the same kind of performance. A closer inspection reveals quite a big difference in the quality of different tag trailers. While there are quite a few companies which manufacture these trailers, there are only a select few which produce quality tag trailers.

For a first time buyer it might be difficult to choose the right kind of tag trailer. They might end up choosing one which might be at the lower end in quality just because they wanted to buy something more economical.

Identifying a quality trailer requires a practiced eye but it can be easier if the following things are kept in mind.

The size of the trailer

When choosing a trailer the weight and the capacity of the trailer should be kept in mind. What should be considered is what kind of material or equipment would the trailer be hauling.is it the right size and does it have enough capacity?

Always choose a trailer which is 20% more in weight than the amount of equipment to be carried. This is because additional weight is always added on to the trailer at the last moment. Choosing a trailer with a small size should be avoided as well. While it may cost less but isn’t big enough to carry heavy loads and it would wear off much quicker.

It’s always better to spend a little extra and invest in an over sized trailer.

The frame of the trailer

The beams of the trailer should be sturdy because these are considered the back bone of a trailer. It’s advisable to check how heavy the beams are. It should be checked whether the beams are C channels or I-beams. In case it’s an I-beam the tensile strength of the top should be observed. This would help differentiate between a quality beam and a standard beam.

The height of the deck is another consideration which shouldn’t be over looked. Low profile tires can help lower the deck height. However there is a limit to how low the tire can go and consideration should also be given to the oscillation of the suspension.

The material from which the deck is manufactured

The quality of the materials used to design the deck is of great importance. The four most common woods used to design tag trailer include Apitong, fir, pine and oak. The apitong is the highest quality wood therefore a tag trailer designed from apitong is going to cost more. On the other hand oak is quite sturdy as well with pine being the lowest in quality. Cheaper trailers make use of pine to build the deck.

The wiring

Anyone who has made use of tag trailers know that wiring is always an issue. Care must be taken to solve any wiring issues before the trailer is operated. It should also be kept in mind that LED lights serve well because they require little maintenance.

The next step after keeping all these in mind is to find out where to purchase a tag trailer.




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