Maintaining a boat means doing regular boat detailing. Waxing and polishing the boat is seen as a huge part of boat detailing. Better results for the boat are achieved when it is waxed after thorough washing and cleaning.

A more thorough job is ensured when boat detailing is entrusted to professional boat cleaners. Professional boat detailing ensures a cleaning process that involves both major and minor aspects of the craft.

However, many boat owners think that professional boat detailing can be quite expensive. Yet, it has been seen that the experience of the professional boat cleaner play and the boat size are factors that determine the rate.

With this said, DIY boat detailing seems to be a popular option with many boat owners. Following the proper boat detailing steps without skimping on effort and time can bring good results.

What, then, are the best steps to plan when you opt for a DIY boat detailing?

Thorough rinse

Giving the boat a thorough rinse is the first step in the boat detailing process. Dirt and all sorts of dust are removed from the boat when it is thoroughly rinsed. The best way is to start rinsing from the higher side to prevent cleaning it twice.

Use only boat-cleaning soap

A boat-cleaning soap added to a bucket of water is the next step after rinsing. Using regular soap won’t cut it as you might end up damaging the boat. The PH balance in boat cleaning soaps prevents this from happening.

Gentle application of soap

The soap should be gently applied on the surface of the boat before using a brush to rinse it off. Rinsing should also be done gently to prevent ruining the interior of the boat. Scratches on the boat’s floor can happen when it is briskly soaped and rinsed.

Removing the nozzle of the hose

Removing the nozzle of the hose is the next step after you have gently rinsed everything. Running the water along the interior of the boat is the most effective way of gently removing all excess soap.

Drying using an absorbent towel or chamois

Water needs to be thoroughly dried up after rinsing. Drying the boat is the best way for you to see if you’ve done a good cleaning job. The drying process is easier when you opt to use highly absorbent towels than ordinary cleaning cloths.

Doing a once-over of the boat is achieved during the drying process. You can easily do a cleaning process for any missed spots.


Buffing is the last step before sealing or waxing the boat. The boat detailing process is considered complete once you start waxing or sealing.

Time and effort needed for the Boat Detailing Process

The size of your boat determines the time and effort needed to complete the boat detailing process. A small boat typically takes between 8-20 days to complete while a bigger boat can take between 45-60 days. The effort you spend on the boat detailing process is another factor that can either make it shorter or longer.

Boat detailing is not something that a boat owner should skip. The boat’s durability is at stake when boat detailing is not performed regularly. Boat detailing is especially crucial for boats hired for cruises.

Opting to have the boat detailed by professional boat cleaners is still the smartest choice for any boat owner.

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