Safety is something you definitely need to consider when looking for a new home. Before you settle down, you will need to explore all possibilities and analyse the worst things that could happen so you will be able to predict and stop them. But, is there a way to save your home from a fire?

Well, you can eliminate the possibilities that could start a fire. However, the thing you should do is to stop a possible fire from spreading. You may notice that fire-rated doors in Sydney, AU, are quite common. But what exactly is a fire-rated door?

Well, it is a door with the ability to stop the fire from spreading to other parts of your home. In case a fire breaks out in one room, the door will not allow it to go into other rooms. Fire-rated doors stop not only the fire, but also the smoke it produces, as this also can be a huge problem in case of a fire. Based on the model you have chosen, many doors even limit the heat transfer, as this increases the safety for the people on the other side of the door.

  • Safety

So, how safe are these doors? How long can they hold back the fire? Well, there are different models and each one is rated by the amount of time they can resist the flames.

Based on the materials they are made of, they can last for different amounts of time and can be divided in several categories:

  • 20 minutes
  • 45 minutes
  • 90 minutes
  • 180 minutes

When trying to classify a door in a particular category, other parameters like walls need to be considered as well and some specific tests may be required. From time to time, the doors need to be checked in order to be sure that they are completely safe.

  • Aesthetics

Many people refuse to mount a fire-rated door because they think that it won’t fit in with their interior or exterior style. No matter how much safer they are, nobody would like to ruin the aesthetics of their home or office.

Although safety should concern you, this opinion is quite understandable, but what is wrong is the belief that all fire-rated doors are the same and that they look ugly.

Fortunately, doors can be made out of different materials while still keeping the same function. Because of this, fire-rated doors in Sydney, AU, have become very popular now that you can get both things – safety and aesthetics. Fire-rated doors can be made out of wood, steel, and other materials in order to fit in with your design.

Finally, Local Fire Protection in Sydney are part of most buildings, offering great protection as people would be able to get out of the building very quickly without any consequences to their health. In case your flat or office doesn’t have one, it would be a smart idea to have one installed as quick as possible.


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