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Rock Bolts – Solid Bar

Product Code GuideBolt TypeDia.LengthDrive Nut & AccessoriesCoatingPackaging
Physical PropertiesMinimumTypical
Yield Strength375MPa / 140kN400MPa / 115kN
Tensile Strength570MPa / 210kN680MPa / 250kN
Calculated Shear Strength140kN170kN
Elongation (After Fracture)17%22%
Mass Per Metre2.92kg
Bar Core Diameter21.7mm
Major Bar Diameter23.2mm
Cross Sectional Area370mm²
Rolled ThreadM24x3.0mm Pitch

Key Features

  • Manufactured from a special hot rolled deformed bar designed by DSI.
  • This bolt features a rib pattern which actively assists with mixing the chemical anchors during installation.
  • The deformed bar rib pattern improves load transfer properties.
  • The rolled thread strength nominally equals the column strength of the bar.
  • The 24mm chemical anchor bolt is designed to be used with chemical anchors, but can be effectively used with cementitious grouts.
  • Corrosion protection may be provided by hot dip galvanizing or alternative coatings.
  • Australian Patent Number 536627 is applicable to the bar design of this bolt.
High Strength Bar - Packaging

Standard Lengths & Packaging

  • Standard bolt lengths range from 600 to 3000mm in 300mm increments.
  • Non-standard requirements are available by negotiation.
  • Bolts are packaged in bundles with threads protected by heavy duty polyethylene bags.
  • Bolt fittings, such as nuts, anti-friction washers and domed balls, are supplied fitted to rock bolts in the configuration requested.
High Strength Bar - Notes


  • DSI Mining Products Division is Quality Assured to ISO 9001:2008, Registration No.QAC/R61/0315.




High Strength Bar - Installation Guide Lines

Installation Guide Lines

  • 27-28mm hole diameters are preferred. If larger diameter holes are to be used refer to "Posimix" bolt on data sheet WS.
  • Hole depth is critical. Hole depth should be shorter than the bolt to allow for the height of the washer and nut.
  • It is important to follow the resin anchor recommended mixing and hold times as printed on the chemical anchor cartons.


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Published: September 2011
All dimensions, weights, quantities and specifications are those applicable at the time of publication and may be amended from time to time.

Product Accessories Examples
Product Group Starplates Dome Plates Dragonfly W-Strap
High Strength Bar - Product Accessories Examples
Product Code Prefix STP D DF3 MW


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