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  • Structural steel arch supports can be employed for ground control when rock bolting is not practical or where other ground support applications are insufficient, particularly where strata is unstable or loading is too severe for other supports. Steel arches can provide a more low cost permanent support solution for long term critical requirements such as permanent travel ways in decline development, conveyor drifts and portals.
  • DSI steel arch support design configurations are tailored to suit your specific site requirements with consideration to clearances, load capacity, erection, handling and assembly.
Components of Steel Arch Supports
  1. "W" Strap or Sheet Lagging
  2. Crown Joint
  3. Steel Rib
  4. Blocking Piece
  5. Tie Rod
  1. Collar Brace
  2. Steel Post
  3. Butt Joint
  4. Rib and Post Support
  5. Foot Plate
Steel Arch Supports - Notes


  • DSI Mining Products Division is Quality Assured to ISO 9001:2008, Registration No.QAC/R61/0315.

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Published: September 2011
All dimensions, weights, quantities and specifications are those applicable at the time of publication and may be amended from time to time.