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Rock Bolts – FRP

Product Code GuideBolt TypeLengthUTSBreakout Nut
15 Tonne Dowel20 Tonne Dowel30 Tonne Dowel
Tensile Strength150kN200kN300kN
Nut/Thread Tensile Strength50kN55kN55kN
Single Shear Strength45kN50kN60kN
Nut Breakout Torque38-41Nm
Mass Per Metre645g
Nominal Bolt Diameter20mm
Nominal Cross Section Area of Bolt310mm²
Major Bar Dimension25mm
Specific Gravity in grams/cm³1.7-1.81.8-1.92.1-2.2

Key Features

  • The 20mm dowels are pull formed (matched die) fibreglass construction and are ribbed over their full length to provide maximum load transfer.
  • Thread form is of a sinusoidal type, nominally 150mm long and 25mm diameter, and is fitted with an integral drive nut with radial face.
  • All 20mm fibreglass dowels are designed to be used with resin anchors and be fully encapsulated.
  • Only the 20 and 30 tonne capacity fibre glass dowels should be used with cementitious grouts.
  • Bolts over 2400mm in length are available in all dowel types by negotiation.
  • Australian Patent Numbers 631881 and 65494 are applicable to these bolts.
Fiberglass Dowel - Packaging

Standard Lengths & Packaging

  • Standard bolt lengths range from 1200 to 1800mm in 300mm increments.
  • Other lengths are available by negotiation.
  • 1200mm long dowels are packed in 10’s then palletized in lots of 1000.
  • 1500 and 1800mm long dowels are packed in 10’s then palletized in lots of 500.

Fiberglass Dowel - Notes


  • Only DSI rock bolt components should be used to enable the optimum performance of the bolt system to be obtained.
  • DSI Mining Products Division is Quality Assured to ISO 9001:2008, Registration No.QAC/R61/0315.
Fiberglass Dowel - Installation Guide Lines

Installation Guide Lines

  • 26-27mm hole diameters are preferred. Holes over 28mm diameter are not recommended.
  • Hole depth is critical. Hole depth should be shorter than the bolt to allow for the height of the washer and nut.
  • After insertion of the resin anchors, the bolt is rotated through the anchor(s) while being pushed to the back of the hole.
  • It is important to follow the resin anchor recommended mixing and hold times as printed on the chemical anchor cartons. DO NOT OVER MIX.


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Published: September 2011
All dimensions, weights, quantities and specifications are those applicable at the time of publication and may be amended from time to time.

Product Accessories Examples
Product Group Resin AROA Spanner Dolly
Fiberglass Dowel - Product Accessories Examples
Product Code Prefix RA0 AROA SPD
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